Craven Arms Memorials

Choosing a Memorial

Choosing a memorial can be one of the hardest things to do and as this is to be a lasting monument and a tribute to someone dearly missed, it must therefore be chosen carefully.

Any hasty decisions made whilst still in the early stages of bereavement can result in regrets, so it is advisable to wait a while and spend some time selecting a suitable inscription and design.

As a general rule stones are not fitted; or replaced; until around 9 months following the internment. A stone can be placed over cremated remains much sooner.

Types of Memorial

  • Square Top
  • Checked Top
  • Peon Top
  • Offset Peon Top
  • Peon with Checks
  • Oval or Arc
  • Oval with Shoulders
  • Oval with Checks
  • Square Top Rounded Shoulders
  • Half Round
  • Ogee Top
  • Serpentine Top
  • Half Ogee with Checks
  • Square Top Rounded Shoulders
  • Round Top Rounded Shoulders
  • Oval Top Ogee Shoulders
  • Norman
  • Gothic

Craven Arms Memorials
Craven Arms Memorials